Tow Asteroids for Mining Rare Metals

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There have been many science fiction writers who have discussed the mining of asteroids. One of the most notable is Ben Bova who wrote an entire series called; “Asteroid Wars” and in this series there are mining companies and rouge entrepreneurs vying for asteroids made of gold and other rare metals. In fact it’s just like the Wild West only in outer space. Will it be possible to mine asteroids in the future?

Indeed, I believe so, and it may be advantageous because the manufacturing facilities in zero gravity are good place to build spaceships and other things. One thing we might do is to locate asteroids which have valuable elements on them such as rare metals and park them in Lagrange points where we can do the mining. According to John Baez, a mathematician and expert on Lagrange Points, (his research paper on Lagrange Points) in an online posting of January 21, 2009 he states that in the;

“Earth’s lagrange points L4 and L5 there are dust clouds the size of 4 moons.” His website also speaks of a concept conceived in “1974, a physics professor at Princeton wrote a paper that advocated putting space colonies at one of the Earth’s Lagrange points, namely L5.”

Okay so, it does appear these Lagrange points where gravity is neutral might be a very excellent place for a space colony, manufacturing facility, and an excellent place to mine asteroids. Why not, it all makes perfectly good sense, and it hardly seems science fiction like if all this is possible. Indeed I hope you please consider all this.


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